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   Dear Guest! If you are looking for a cheap good SOCKS5 proxies, then you came to the right shop. We offer you a proxies that fully supports SOCKS5 protocol and therefore is perfectly compatible with popular web browsers, ftp, IM and mail-clients, and such specialized programs as Proxifier, WideCap, SocksCap, ProxyCap etc. But at the same time the scheme of your connection to the proxy does not look quite normal: you do not connect directly to the proxy (as in the "classical" connection scheme), but to our special Gate-server. In other words, your connection to any Internet resource would have a look like this:

[Your computer]-->[Gate-server]-->[SOCKS proxy server]-->[Target Internet host]

Actually, this connection scheme has a huge advantage over the "classic" scheme: neither a proxy, nor especially a target host will never know your real IP address, because they have to deal with the IP address of Gate-server. In addition, we adhere to a policy of "an individual SOCKS proxies to every client". Thus, you will significantly increase the safety of your work in the Internet, if you become a client of our service.

   Your account will be created immediately after your registration. After paying for the service you will get access to your personal list of proxy servers. At your account you can choose a proxies with IP-addresses from different countries and cities, and you can sort them by connection speed and uptime. The number of available proxy connections is defined by the fixed rate plan. The latest check (2018-10-21 13:20) revealed 0 free online proxy servers.

   Most probably you won’t have any difficulties while working with our proxies and web interface. However, we will be glad to answer your questions and to give a piece of advice to you on Internet connection security. Answers to the most common customer questions you can find in the FAQ section. We hope to have a successful collaboration with you!

Sincerely, Daddy Bill & Company.